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Are You Interested in the Medical Field?

Do you aspire to become a nurse, physician assistant, physician? If so, this program might be right for you…

The Medical Assistant is responsible for preparing documents for patient visits, rooming patients and documenting information into the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) during visits, as directed by the provider. This position will obtain patient information such as past history and current medical problems for entry into the EMR for provider review. The Medical Assistant will ensure all visit orders are entered into the EHR for provider review and signature to send to the appropriate staff member or facility. Medical Assistants will also assist the physician with office procedures, according to their scope of practice. The Medical Assistant will also assist other staff members with various clerical duties as needed.

What Dina Has To Say

“So, you want to be a physician? Walk faster.” That was the first of many lessons Dr. Qandah taught me while I worked as a Medical Assistant and Scribe at CNY Brain and Spine. As a pre-med student at Utica College, I was eager to dip my toes in the field of healthcare. I knew exposure to patients and their various conditions was essential in becoming a competitive applicant for medical school. This job opportunity gave me nothing short of that and more than I could have ever imagined. I am constantly being challenged and provided with new and exciting experiences daily that I will be able to take with me to medical school this Fall. I have also been fortunate enough to gain some of the best mentors during my time here who have guided and supported me every step of the way throughout my medical school application process. CNY Brain and Spine has been a valuable stepping stone to my ultimate career goals and I’m so grateful to have gained life-long mentors who I know will always be rooting for my success.”

What Maja Has To Say

“New opportunities, valuable life lessons, and several educational experiences were just some of the few benefits of working as a Medical Assistant and Scribe at CNY Brain and Spine. Becoming a physician has always been a goal of mine so when the opportunity presented itself to learn from Dr. Qandah and his physician assistants Kevin and Alex, I immediately accepted. Being involved with patient’s, seeing the smiles on their faces after a successful injection or surgery, solidified my ambition to pursue medical school. I was consistently challenged at CNY Brain and Spine in the best way and in turn I know that I am well prepared for medical school when I enter in the fall. Additional to the admirable medical providers, the staff at CNY Brain and Spine act as yet another amazing support system. CNY Brain and Spine has given me a solid base for medical school and I know I will excel as a medical provider with the skills I obtained from this office.”

What Lexi Has To Say

“A job you’ll love: working at CNY Brain and Spine! The last 3 years have provided me with some of the best mentors and I’ve been able to expand my knowledge on all things healthcare related. Dr. Qandah is always willing to go the extra mile to see his employees succeed. He has sent off many previous employees into their medical programs of choice and is currently helping me with my medical school applications. My future goals are to become a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine. The Scribe and Medical Assistant position at CNY Brain and Spine has allowed me to learn new skills daily. It is a job I will never regret getting, and I am grateful for the amazing opportunity I was given to work for and with Dr. Qandah.”


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