Reconstructive Spinal Deformities

Reconstructive Spinal Deformities

Reconstructive Spinal Deformities

Complex spinal reconstruction is a term used to describe a number of more complicated surgical procedures that may be needed to address certain injuries and conditions. There are a variety of ways in which a spine may be misshapen, because of scoliosis, kyphosis, Scheuermann’s disease and other problems. In such spinal deformity patients, the spine is curved from side to side, rotated and/or curved forward too much.

There are many ways to reconstruct a curved spine. The type of surgery for spinal reconstruction depends on the degree of the curve, where the curve is located within the spine, patient age, patient general health and other factors.

The spine surgeons at Central New York Brain and Spine Neurosurgery specialize in performing reconstructive spinal deformity procedures.

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